The Sanctuary Spa – Covent Garden

One of life’s greatest pleasures is being able to totally forget about everything for a few hours and get completely lost in your own little world; and that’s exactly what we did last weekend to celebrate T&T’s girl, Amy’s, birthday. Rounding up the girls we snuck away to The Sanctuary Spa – and sanctuary it is indeed. Hidden away behind a shop front in the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, the spa is a haven of tranquility.

Once through the huge glass door we were given our lockers, robes and appointment times before being left to our own devices under one premise – full relaxation! You’ll have to excuse the photos because they were just snapped on our iPhones.

Sanctuary Spa has had it’s doors open since 1977 and has been welcoming women to relax, rejuvenate and generally spend quality time with friends and family ever since. And boy did we relax.

We spent the morning padding around in our robes, having far too much fun on the Sanctuary’s signature swing and chatting in the jacuzzi.

Our treatments were booked around lunch time, which was just as well because we were all starting to resemble prunes. We all opted for Hot Lava Shell massages which come highly recommended. The treatment itself consists of a full body massage given mainly through the use of tiger clam shells, which are heated by a unique volcanic lava and seaweed mix. The shells allow for much deeper tissue penetration which really helps to bust out all of those nasty knots and dissolve away muscle aches and pains. If you speak to your therapist you can discuss any problem areas that you may have so they can work on specific areas of tension a little more.

The massage is intense, deeply therapeutic and also helps to detoxify the body – especially if you opt for a longer massage (55 or 85 minutes) which includes a tummy massage too!

After working up a bit of an appetite (relaxing is hungry work ya’know) we enjoyed some nibbles in the Koi Carp lounge, before another dip in the jacuzzi and a little snooze in the steam room.

After showering off and testing out lots of Sanctuary goodies, we left the spa smelling sweeter than sugar plums and with that smug glow that you only seem to acquire from a day at the spa. If you’re London bound and in need of a little TLC with the girls, we’d highly recommend The Sanctuary. Try booking a whole day at the spa, if you can, so you can enjoy the full range of facilities on offer.


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