The Monster Mash

It’s nearly Halloween and everyone knows once you get past the age of stuffing yourself sick with too much chocolate, it’s one of the best excuses in the year to party! This year Halloween falls on a Wednesday, which means the majority of parties will no doubt be taking place today and boy are we excited.

Last year we threw one hell of a Halloween party – The Monster Mash. With invites in the post we set about transforming the garden into a playground for  zombies, mummies, ghost and ghouls to eat, drink and be merry; complete with fire-pits (to keep our ghastly guests warm), a bar (to keep their thirsts quenched – ghosts can get very thirsty you know), and a buffet of devilishly tasty treats to make sure they were fueled and ready to party into the early hours. Pumpkins were carved, fairy lights were draped around the garden and spider webs covered just about everything else.

Our guests turned up looking suitably gruesome, ready to bust some moves on the dance floor, get their mitts on a bowl of our Treacle Treat, and, well, drink the bar dry! Here is just a selection of some of the costumes…

So, how will you be celebrating Halloween this year and what will you be dressing up as?


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