Pumpkin Carving

Ok, so after Christmas, Halloween is probably one of our favourite ‘holidays’ of the year. I say ‘holidays’ because us Brits don’t celebrate it as well as our friends over the pond. However, here at Toads and T’s we’re definitely getting into the holiday spirit. Spirit? Ged’it? So much so we’ve spent the last week carving just about anything and everything into as many pumpkins as we can get our hands on. So, if you’re throwing a party this weekend, or just want something spook-tacular to pop on your door step to scare those pesky trick or treaters, here are a few of ideas.

For our first style pumpkin we decided to go for a polka dot effect so light would spill from lots of different holes creating a cool pattern on the wall. We created the tiny holes by using a chopstick and dotting random holes around the pumpkin.

We found this great little idea on Pinterest and although we have done it yet ourselves, we’ll definitely be making one of these little fellas for the weekend.

Our second pumpkin was turned into this gorgeous ‘Mumkin‘ – as they are known. All we did for this was hollow out the pumpkin itself and pop a pot plant in to the empty shell. Finish with a bring brown bow tied around the top of the pumpkin to make it look even prettier. Nice and easy and looks so great as centre piece for a table or as something a little different for the doorstep.

Obviously we couldn’t resist carving our very own Toad sporting a sparkling tiara into our last pumpkin!


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