You’ve probably guessed how we traveled from Florence to Rome (train) and how we booked our accommodation (Travel Republic) so I’ll move straight onto the good stuff. Like the true tourists we are we ran round the city with excitement about everything we wanted to see in Rome. We must have run fast because we did most of it on the first day!

We booked ahead (online) for the Vatican City as we’d heard queues were horrendous. We hurried through the numerous art galleries enjoying some Raphael before heading to the pièce de résistance – the Sistine Chapel. Once again we were told not to take photos but when in Rome (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

We then traipsed the city visiting all the tourist hotspots;

We even had time to squeeze in an icy pole (as my Australian boyfriend calls them).

After a long day of running around we indulged in a fantastic dinner at Da Robertino.  We stumbled across the restaurant as we strolled the streets and we were very happy with what we found. The food was fantastic, authentic, wholesome and well priced. My meal began with a classic – Bruschetta.

Followed by a rather generous portion of proscuitto and melon. I really love the contrast of sweet and salty in this dish.

I then polished off an entire dish of juicy meatballs with a side of potatoes and a big basket of bread!

Meanwhile, my boyfriend experimented with their tasting menu featuring a number of beautifully presented pasta dishes including a simple yet tasty Ewe’s milk and pepper concotion;

The main consisted of a herbed cutlet of tender pink lamb (at this point I was wishing I’d ordered the tasting menu).

We finished by sharing the dessert that came with the tasting menu; a layered Italian cake topped with meringue. A little too sweet for my taste.

Our last full day in Rome was spent in Pompei. As standard we took a train from Rome to Naples, then a local train down the beautiful Italian coastline until we reached the tiny town of Pompei. Fact: The ruins of the old town are larger than the new town!

The eerie yet beautiful ruins are framed by the moumental Mount Versuvius. It’s a humbling experience and a worthwhile visit if you have can fit it in.

Italy was truly amazing and exceeded all my expectations. Food, wine, architecture, history; It has so much to offer and it’s easy to navigate your way around. If you’ve never been but have been thinking about it – jump in.

“A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what is expected a man should see”

– Samuel Johnson



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