Steak Sauce

There is only one thing we love more than a good steak and that’s a good steak sauce.

Often in restaurants you’re given the limited option of overpowering (and too spicy) peppercorn, bog standard mushroom and brandy or simply, garlic butter. Now, whilst the above are satisfying they are a bit dated. This recipe came about after a little experimenting in the kitchen, using a mix of ingredients from the fridge and it was so god damn delicious I licked my plate clean (much to the disgust of my boyfriend). It might not be the best etiquette but try this sauce and I bet you’ll be doing the same.

Ingredients; I didn’t measure anything so it’s a rough approximation but prepare to your taste. This ‘recipe’ makes enough to generously cover 3x 200g steaks.

Half a red onion

1 clove of garlic

White balsamic vinegar (normal balsamic would do just fine)

Half a glass of water

Chicken stock

A generous splash of red wine (I used Rioja)

Spoonful of butter (we used marg!)

80ml Sour Cream

Steak juices (from pan)

I know what you’re thinking, red wine and sour cream, really? Yes really. I was sceptical too but now I’m thankful for my risk taking. This recipe isn’t difficult and there are no techniques to follow (except for keeping the sauce hot to prevent the sour cream from curdling) but I’ll talk you through what I did.

Begin by dicing the onion very finely and chuck into the pan with olive oil. Crush the clove of garlic into the onion and add a glug or two of white balsamic vinegar. When onions have browned add half a glass of water and the chicken stock cube. Allow the onion to sweat before adding a generous pour of Rioja (not too generous, you don’t want to taste it).

Allow the mixture to reduce slightly then add about 80ml of sour cream.

Once the steaks are cooked allow them to rest. Whilst resting, de-glaze the pan with another splash of red wine then add the juices to the sauce. This time I didn’t brown the onions for as long as I would have liked which is why my sauce is more purple (from the wine) than a creamy brown. Add a lump of butter, stir well and pour over your steak. From now on it’s my new steak dinner MUST along with chive mash potato.


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