Cod Wellington

Have you been watching The Great British Bake Off? Yup, us too! We’re totally obsessed with it and after all of the pies and strudels we’ve been drooling over over the last few weeks, we were inspired to make our own wellington – with a twist. Instead of the usual beef we decided to make a fish based one. So we hurried off to to the local fish monger and got our mitts on a tasty little hunk of fresh cod.

This recipe works best when you have a large fish fillet and a hungry family/group of friends to feed. It’s crisp, light, juicy and extremely flavoursome.

This recipe serves 3 large portions. You’ll need;

A fish of your choice – we chose cod as it worked well with our other flavours. Aim for about 125g per person

Filo pastry sheets

2 tablespoons of tomato puree

Approx. 3 large tomatoes

1 white onion

1 red pepper, ½ yellow pepper

Chilli butter

Salt & Pepper

Lay the fillet flat and place a knife between the flesh and the skin. Gently push the knife through the fish until the skin and flesh are separated.

Once you have your fillet check it for bones and remove any sneaky stowaways! Then begin by layering up your sheets of filo pastry.

Lay your first sheet onto a lined baking tray, brush it with butter then lay a fresh sheet on top. Continue until you have as many layers as you would like (we had 3). Squirt the tomato puree down the centre and spread lightly.

Slice some fresh tomatoes and lay them over the tomato puree filling the centre of the pastry sheets.

Lay the fish fillet on top of the tomatoes folding the skinny end back on to itself to keep portions equal.

Now move onto the filling. Dice a white onion and  some peppers. We chucked it all together in a pan with a lump of chilli butter we picked up from the fishmongers.

Once browned and softened ladel the onion and pepper mixture on top of the fish.

Now it’s time to fold the wellington. Begin by folding the ends into the centre. Then take each side and fold over tucking it round the filling until you have a neat, well wrapped Wellington.

Pop this in a pre-heated oven fro 15-20 minutes until the pastry is flaky and golden brown in colour.

Slice the wellington into portions and serve. We dished our Cod Wellington up with sweet potato and broccoli cheese.

A deliciously quick dish and tasty alternative to a heavier meat wellington that’s sure to impress your guests.


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