Squash and Sage Pasta (V)

Last night I had no idea what to do for dinner. In the fridge I had half a butternut squash, an onion and an open bag of pine nuts and in the pantry I found some spaghetti. I grabbed all the ingredients and donned my wellies to go and collect some fresh sage from the herb garden. Forty minutes later I had a delciously tasty pasta that was extremely satisfying so thought I’d share it! This recipe is easy, super delicious and best of all, only requires 5 core ingredients;

Butternut Squash, Onion, Pine Nuts, Sage, Pasta of choice

Begin by peeling and chopping your squash into your preferred size chunks. Then chop the onion to the same size as your squash. Add to the mix a handful of chopped sage leaves. Season with salt and pepper, 1 glove of garlic (crushed) and drizzle in olive oil. Roast in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes until the squash is soft.

10 minutes before the squash is soft put on your pasta. Just before the pasta and squash are ready, heat a little mix of butter and olive oil in a pan and add some fresh sage leaves. Coat the leaves in the fat and fry for 2 minutes.

Remove the leaves from the juice and place on a piece of kitchen roll to dissolve excess oil whilst you finish your pasta.

After draining the pasta use the same pan, throw in some pine nuts followed by the squash and onion mixture. Heat for 2 minutes. Whilst doing so return to the fried sage leaves and crush with the flat of a knife blade.

Plate up the pasta and sprinkle the sage on top. Voila! A sweet, deep, nutty pasta thrown together from a few leftovers and my new favourite dish!


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