XB Olympic Opening Ceremony Party at Maddox Beach Club

Friday night marked a huge event in British history – the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Around the world people tuned in to watch as the United Kingdom put on one of the most spectacular shows that the nation, maybe even the world, has ever seen!

The Opening Ceremony, titled Isles Of Wonder, saw Danny Boyle play out everything that embodies Great Britain. With its display of irony, culturally rich diversity and its celebration of patriotism, we experienced everything from the industrial revolution and post war Britain, to J.K Rowling and Mary Poppins. There was even an appearance from Mr. Bean who treated us all to a very unique rendition of Chariots of Fire, showing that us Brits have got a great sense of humour.

Unfortunately we were unable to get tickets to the opening ceremony to watch it first-hand however, we did celebrate the next best way by heading down to Maddox Beach Club on Forman’s Fish Island Riviera.

This pop-up club, designed as a beach version of the popular club in Mayfair, is as close to the action as you’ll get – without actually being there.

With a make-shift beach, palm trees, volley ball court, DJ’s, drinks and food, the pop up venue provided a beach oasis just a stone’s throw from all the Olympic madness and was the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere.

Alex (left) wears jumpsuit from TK Maxx, bag from Topshop. Amy (right) wears peplum dress by Zara.

We spent the evening watching the live action unfold on the big screens, making friends with fellow revellers, drinking and getting far too much sand in our shoes.

We even managed to get interviewed for a Japanese TV channel and get our mugs on NBC.

(You can read the full article on NBC)

As the ceremony drew to a close we were treated to live music and the amazing finale of the Opening Ceremony – the firework display. And boy did it go out with a bang! The view was second to none and the atmosphere was one we’re sure not to forget.

After the ceremony was over we continued the party inside the bar where we sipped on too much XB (vodka punch brand sponsoring the event) and danced into the early hours of the morning, before deciding to call it a night and make our way home through the city.

So, did you enjoy the Opening Ceremony and how did you celebrate?


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