Pied A Terre

With a taste for fine dining since visiting Stoke Place we decided to try a tasting menu in a Michelin starred London restaurant. Our restaurant of choice was the highly acclaimed, 2 Michelin starred Pied A Terre in Londons swanky Fitzrovia area. On arrival the restaurant opens up into a quiet modern dining room with a formal feel. There is no music playing which is common for fine dining establishments as all of the focus is all on the food – and rightly so!

Once seated, and before we could order any wine, we were presented with some delicious appetisers. Unfortunately, as we were so focused on the wine menu (what? We were thirsty) we didn’t catch what they were, but when the foods this delicious there really is no need for questions!

With a  glass of wine in hand we welcomed some amuse bouche dishes including this gorgeous salmon tartare.

Our first course was a smooth smokey white bean and bacon veloute with truffles. I wanted more but I had to remember we had quite a few courses still to come!

The next course had to be my favourite – marinated scallops with toasted hazelnuts. I’ve never had a raw scallop before so I was a little skeptical however, but these juicy medallions were divine. If I have the choice in the future I’ll order my scallops like this.

Up next was the glorious seared Duck foie gras. Always a winner in my eyes but this completely exceeded my expectations. However, my partner didn’t agree with the incredibly smooth texture.

We then indulged in monkfish adorned with a number of delicious elements to complement the delicate and beautifully cooked fish.

This was my first experience of venison and I’m now convinced! The tender rare meat was served with balsamic jelly and a rich jus.

Following the entrees we were presented with a velvety chocolate mousse with a chocolate crumb and vanilla ice cream dusted with cinammon. Heaven.

To round of an absolutely sublime meal we stuck with tradition and had some tea, coffee, and petite fours.

Pied A Terre impressed on every level. The service was outstanding and really completed the experience. All dishes were executed to perfection and the atmosphere was great once we passed through the initial silence (I’m sure the wine helped). If you are in London I would reccommend visiting this little gem.

Food: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: At £99 per person (excl. drink) you can experience some amazing and decadent foods at their best. The only downside I would say was that even with the 10 courses  I wasn’t full up. However, this is about fine dining and tasting as opposed to stuffing your face so go with that in mind.

Visit the website of follow them on Twitter @PiedaTerreUK


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