Festival Fayre

Festival season is upon us; so whether you’re planning on rocking out in a muddy field or raving it up under the heat of the summer sun, you want to make sure you’re looking the part. So to help you achieve that festival chic look effortlessl  we’ve put together one key outfit that will mean that no matter what you throw into your weekend bag, you’ll have the staples to mix and match items, allowing you to create a new look everyday!

Denim shorts are an obvious choice for festival clobber and why wouldn’t they be? Plus, everyone has a trusty pair of denims that are comfy, suits their style and go with pretty much anything. We’ve chosen a pair of high-waisted, light, ripped denim shorts (from Sportsgirl – Australia) but any style would work for example, hot pants, stone wash, dark denim and so on. As long as you have denim shorts as your core item you can pretty much style any outfit/look around them. Depending on the weather you can always pop on some tights underneath too!

We’ve teamed the shorts with a cutesy white tee from Topshop. Although the top looks fairly plain it has beautiful detailing around the neck and chest area meaning you don’t need to worry about accessorizing with any jewellery.

Festivals and layering go hand in hand. In fact, you can never have too many layers at a festival. We’re talking everything from tights, socks and leggings, to vests, tees, and waistcoats. Hey, you can even throw on a jumper and rain mac for good measure (we do live in England afterall). To add texture and depth to this outfit we’ve chosen a burgundy crochet waistcoat (from Next) which is super cute and so festival chic!

To finish the look we’ve gone with a hair band  from Topshop – essential festival wear, great for completing the boho look and a sneaky way of disguising any dodgy hair do’s a few days in (shh don’t tell anyone); a statement over the body bag (perfect for storing all your essentials when you’re miles away from your tent yet still allowing you to dance away carefree); and statement wellies (from Joules) because, well, every festival goer knows that if you’re going to spend the weekend in welllies it pays to invest in a beautiful pair.

*If you’re lucky enough to be partying on sandy shores this year swap out the tee for a bikini top and the wellies for some comfy wedges or sandals.

So that’s the outfit sorted but don’t forget to pack an essential festival kit too! If you’re too busy dreaming about lazy days spent drinking with your friends and listening to your favourite music to think about what you’ll need we’ve put together your very own checklist. You can thank us later!

You will need; Baby wipes (handy for just about everything – do not underestimate their importance), dry shampoo, mascara, hand sanitizer, suncream, chewing gum, spork, torch and deodorant.


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