Sticky BBQ Pulled Pork

We hope everyone enjoyed the Jubilee weekend as much as we did!  In true British bank holiday fashion the rain decided to descend upon us for the majority of the weekend, but we didn’t allow it to dampen our spirits!

We attended a street party in our town on Tuesday and were asked to bring a dish along. We knew how well our pulled pork would go down (especially given the weather) so with our rain macs and wellies on we hurried down to the street party with two huge dishes of steaming hot pork, dripping in sticky, sweet BBQ sauce.

As expected everyone loved it and the pork was devoured and the sauce mopped up in a matter of minutes! Of course we shared our recipe with our neighbours so, as promised, it’s time to share it with you too.

This recipe is unbelievably simple but the cooking does take some time.

You will need:

Pork belly, about 100g per person or 2 big strips. Look for the leanest pieces.

1/8 of a pint white wine vinegar

75ml American mustard

250ml tomato ketchup

250ml honey

1 carton of pineapple juice

Dried chilli flakes (to your taste)

30z of demerera sugar

N.B. This recipe makes enough sauce for 12-14 servings.

If you’ve ever had pulled pork before you know how succulent and tasty it is, especially when drenched in a good BBQ sauce. This BBQ sauce recipe is slightly different, it’s more like a sweet chilli BBQ sauce and it tastes better than any other we’ve tried. The recipe came from a restaurant we used to work in which once upon a time served a starter of tender pork ribs covered in this sauce. It’s such a simple recipe but such a flavoursome sauce which can be made a few days earlier and chilled. Perfect!

Pour all the ingredients (white wine vinegar, ketchup, mustard, honey, pineapple juice, chilli flakes and sugar) into a big pot and give the mixture a quick whisk. At this point it doesn’t look like the most attractive concoction in the world but stick with it. It gets good, we promise!

Bring the mixture to the boil then cover and leave to simmer 45-60 minutes until you have a sticky syrupy-sweet smelling sauce.

Decant and chill until you’re ready to use. When the time comes just pour the amount you require into a pan and re-heat.

Now it’s time to prepare the pork.

Begin by trimming the unecessary fat from the pork belly. Now place all your strips into an oven proof dish. Fill the gaps and make sure the pork is packed down tightly. Place the pork in the oven on a low temperature (100/150) and cook for 3-4 hours. If you’re planning to serve this mid week you can cook the pork the night before for 2 hours and put it back in on the evening of the dinner for an hour.

Once the pork is cooked use two forks and go at the tender pork, tearing it up and pulling it apart!

Once the pork is pulled pour over a generous helping of the sticky BBQ sauce and mix it all in.

The pork goes beautifully with some chunky homemade coleslaw which is equally as easy to whip up. Finely slice 2 onions and 1 white cabbage, grate 1 carrot, squeeze in some lemon juice, mix with 3 tbsps of mayonnaise and a dollop of mustard and season with a pinch of salt and pepper.

We originally  served our pulled pork as part of our main course at our Eurovision Dinner party, but the beauty of this dish is that it’s so versatile. The pork went down a treat at the street party spilling out of soft floured buns and piled high with our fresh home made coleslaw. Heaven!


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