Hawaiian Tropic Lime Coolada Body Butter

Last year I took part in a focus group for Hawaiian Tropic in which I was asked all sorts of questions about my daily routine and the products I used. I was then shown a few of their products and asked to give feedback on all aspects them e.g. appearance, smell, quality etc. That’s when they pulled out an appealing pot of Lime Coolada body butter. Instantly I was drawn to the vibrant packaging but it wasn’t until I opened the pot and was hit by delicious yet subtle aromas of lime and coconut, reminiscent of holidays, that I fell in love with this product. I’ve been on the lookout for a new body butter ever since Soap&Glory discontinued  their Peachy Butter 2 years ago, so I left the market research and immediately began the hunt for my own pot of Lime Coolada. I couldn’t find it anywhere and assumed that it wasn’t on our UK shelves yet so I settled on a greasy, unsatisfying Boots own label substitute.

2 pots of body butter later I was due a replenish and suddenly Lime Coolada popped into my head. I checked all the high street pharmacies to no avail then finally found it on eBay (yes eBay!). I’m now on my third pot of Lime Coolada and I still absolutely love it. The consistency is perfect; it’s not too thick so you can use it on your face also and it soaks in quite quickly so you can get dressed shortly after, without greasing up your clean clothes.  Not only do I smell fruity, sweet and scrumptious, but Lime Coolada continues to keep me moisturised throughout the day leaving my skin feeling super soft – just like a baby’s bottom!

It’s my new favourite cream so you can imagine my delight when I discovered Boots now stock it! You can pick up a pot for approx. £10.50  and it will last you about 4 months of daily use. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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