Eurovision Dinner Party

Sometimes it’s hard getting all of your besties together at once, especially when you’re scattered about. With this in mind we decided there was only one thing for it; to host a dinner party.  Conicidentally the dinner happened to fall on the same night as the Eurovision Song Contest so although incredibly cheesy, we thought we’d combine the two and host a Eurovision dinner.

Given that it was an absolutely glorious day weather wise we decided to throw a tablecloth over the garden table, set up the projector screen and indulge in some great food and some not-so great performances from Europes supposed best – al fresco.

As our guests arrived we were ready and waiting to pop open the Champagne and serve our Passion Fruit Bellinis – perfect on a summer’s day! To make, simply cut open a passion fruit and pour its contents through a tea strainer over a bowl. Using a spoon stir the seeds and the juice will seep through into the bowl below. Once you’ve filtered enough passion fruits chill the juice until you’re ready to serve.

With all the excitement of planning a near to 5 course meal we forgot to get Prosecco, so we improvised and grabbed a bottle of champers from the wine rack. However, we’d recommend using a Prosecco as being a mild Italian sparkling wine it’s much lighter and complements the passion fruit flavours beautifully. Important tip: Pour the champagne first then top with fresh fruit juices.


With everyone sipping their Bellini in the sun and Englebert Humperdink serenading us with the British entry, it was time to bring out the dinner party staple; freshly baked bread served with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and marinated olives. We also decided that this would be the perfect time to reveal the evening’s menu.

To start: Apricots stuffed with mozzarella and figs wrapped in parma ham served on rocket with a balsamic glaze.

Palette cleanser: Mango and pineapple sorbet (we must point out this was shop bought – well we did cook 4 other courses!)

Main course: Slow cooked pulled pork, long stem broccoli, homemade coleslaw and a special BBQ sauce.

Dessert: White chocolate terrine with raspberry coulis

After dessert (and after every plate was licked clean) we wobbled over to the projector screen, wrapped ourselves up in blankets and finished the dinner with a cup of tea and some chocolate snap as we watched the results of the Eurovision song contest. The perfect end to what was a great evening! We’ll be sure to post recipes of everything soon!


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