Homemade Lemonade

After weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks (ok, you get the picture) of rain, we thought we’d never see a beautifully sunny day again. However, in true unpredictable British weather fashion, the sun has decided to show its face this week – hallelujah – and we’re now basking in a bit of a heatwave. Let’s hope it lasts!

When the weather is this glorious there’s nothing quite like a thirst quenching glass of freshly made lemonade. So, with this in mind the girls and I decided to make the most of the sunshine, don our sunnies and head down to the river with a large jug of homemade lemonade. Here’s our simple lemonade recipe:

You’ll need:

100g of golden caster sugar
8 lemons
1 litre of water
Ice cubes as required

Start by slicing your lemons into manageable pieces.

Put your lemon slices straight into your mixer followed by a generous handful of ice. Looks refreshing already, right? Next, add you sugar and water, pop on the lid and switch to ‘blitz’. This gives you just enough time to grab yourself a large pitcher, some glasses and fill with ice.

Turn the blender off, strain the pulp (using a colander over your pitcher) and serve with ice and a slice of lemon.

With it’s perfect balance of zesty and sweet there isn’t anything quite as refreshing as homemade lemonade. And when it’s this easy to make, you really have no excuse not to be guzzling it down every time the sun decides to show its face. We’ll certainly be sipping it all summer!

Want our naughty version?

Ok so it’s not strictly homemade lemonade, more homemade lemonade-come-margarita’s, but it’s a great alternative if you fancy after work drinks with the girls or you’re hosting a BBQ. Simply stick to the same recipe but this time add a few shots of Tequila. Add extra ice to the mix so that once crushed, you’re left with more of a slush. Dip the rim of your glasses in lemon juice and then salt and viola! you’ve got yourself a frozen margarita!!

Warning: These are devilishly good so we can’t be held responsible for how many you may consume!


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    • Thanks Louise, we will be posting some great Jubilee recipes over the next few days so check back. We’ll tweet each new post, you can follow us @toadsandtiaras

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