The Garden Room at Stoke Place

Last Tuesday the girls and I decided to indulge ourselves in an evening of fabulous food and great company, by heading to The Garden Room at Stoke Place; a stunning traditional manor house tucked away in Stoke Poges. Despite dating back to 1690, Stoke Place strikes the perfect balance between old and new by retaining it’s old charm and features, whilst at the same time oozing contemporary chic with it’s boutique style furnishing and modern day touches.

If first impressions were anything to go by, I knew we were in for an exceptional evening. After being greeted at the door by the restaurant manager, we were lead and seated in a comfy bar area where we were offered complimentary glasses of champagne. Well, it was Tuesday after all. After a bit too much gossiping and far too much sipping (the champagne slipped down) we eventually decided on what to have and ordered our starters and mains. Honestly, everything on the menu sounded so heavenly I would have happily had the waiter choose for me without a groan. In fact, that may have been easier.

After polishing off our drinks we were lead and seated in the dining room just in time for our palette cleanser to arrive. A delicious tart-fruit sorbet, on tomato consomme jelly, topped with a sweet tomato crisp. Sweet and tangy, yet refreshing and light.

Following our palette cleanser we were then presented with an appetiser of yellow pepper sorbet, red pepper mousse and (we think) pomegranate seeds. Whatever it was, it was delicious!

After nibbling on a choice of some delicious warm bread slathered in butter and topped with salt we were given our starters, naturally we all had to choose something different so we could sample as much of the menu as possible.

Duck and quail egg ravioli, butternut, pumpernickel, truffle and wood sorrel. I can’t even describe how insanely good this was! As soon as I pierced my fork into the pasta out popped the freshest quails egg yolk I have ever seen, all runny and golden.  The dish was exceedingly rich (in a good way) and shamelessly indulgent on every level. 

Lobster, peach jelly, smoked garlic mash, pork belly and mizuna.

With our appetites only just whet we eagerly anticipated the main course.

Lamb loin cutlet, lamb sweetbreads, pomme puree, watercress and morels.

Black sesame crusted monkfish, chorizo mash, leeks, spinach puree and sauce vierge.

Feeling more than satisfied from the scrumptious main dishes we were surprised, and of course excited, to be presented with a pre-dessert.

To be honest, we were so excited we didn’t actually hear what the pre-dessert was but it consisted of a chocolate biscuit crumble with a raspberry and chocolatey moose. Light, airy and extremely satisfying!

Shortly after it was dessert time and with the precedent set, we knew we were in for a treat!

Peanut butter opera, roasted banana ice cream, passion fruit and crystallised peanuts.

Blueberry cheesecake ‘Pebble’, blueberry jelly, green tea granita and pistachio sponge.

Oh but the fun wasn’t over yet. We obviously had to finish with tea and coffee which came with petite fours! Rich chocolate orange truffles, delicate raspberry jelly cubes, and a salted crisp masquerading as a chocolate wafer (we all know that salt and chocolate are best friends, right?)

With obvious attention to detail and a clear passion for food creativity, the dishes are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are created with the best quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Awarded 2 Rosettes from the AA Restaurant Guide and an excellent rating of 4 in the last two editions of the Good Food Guide, it really is hard to fathom how this establishment hasn’t earnt itself Michelin star status.

Everything was faultless and it was by far one of the most decadent evenings I’ve enjoyed in a very long time. I would highly recommend paying this hidden gem a visit and we certainly look forward to many return trips ourselves.

Food: 10/10

Service: 10/10

Value for money: At £35 for two course and £45 for three and an outstanding quality of food this place is certainly value for money. It’s London fine dining without the London price tag (or the commute in!) 10/10.

Follow them on Twitter @stokeplace or take a look at the Stoke Place website


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